About Your Session

Newborn Sessions

~ When to book?
I always recommend getting in contact with me after your 20 week scan to secure your session, but feel free to contact me any time.  Once you have an estimated due date I will make a provisional booking which secures your newborn's session when they arrive. Once you have had your beautiful new baby, just drop me a line and we'll confirm a suitable time and day for your session. I always recommend photographing a newborn baby when they are under two weeks of age, after this time babies are a little harder to settle, and not so beautifully curly as they were as a newborn.

~ Where does your session take place?
Your newborn session will take place in my home studio in Gillingham, Kent. I'll send you all the details once booked, but I have clients from all over Kent and beyond.  

~ How long does a session last?
Newborn photography is sometimes 90% patience and 10% photography so I always say to allow between 2-4 hours, as this allows for feeding, comforting, styling and positioning safely. Most sessions last 3 hours.

~Whats should I bring? 
I have most things in my studio including changing facilities, so I simply ask you to ensure you have an extra feed with you, anything special - a little bear or blanket, and anything you'd like for yourself. I don't allow hot drinks in the studio, for safety, but if you want to bring a packed lunch or your favourite book, you are very welcome! I'd also urge you to consider the use of a dummy purely for the session, even if you don't intend to use one for your baby. I appreciate some do not wish to use dummies for various reasons, but in order to comfort a baby during the shoot a dummy is a hugely useful tool, and can assist in getting the best possible images of your baby.

~ What happens during the session?
This is your time to have a little sit down, and relax, probably for the first time in a few days. I'm very experienced at settling babies and with your permission will get the baby all set up for their images after they have had a feed and are nice and sleepy (hopefully!). I'll use my props, fabrics and skills to create beautiful, timeless images, ensuring safety at all points, while you relax.  On a few occasions I'll ask for your assistance to ensure the baby is secure or not left unattended while I change fabric or lenses etc.  The result will hopefully be perfect images of your amazing new little person.

~Can siblings come?
Yes, of course, when booked in advance, sibling are very welcome at no extra cost.  The sibling portraits will be done at the beginning of the session and I ask that someone else come with you so that siblings are then free to leave/play after their part is done.

~After the session
Once your session is over I'll ensure all of your images are artistically edited and finished in my signature style, your gallery will then be presented to you at your viewing session usually a week to two weeks after your session.  You can then order any products or collections at that time.

All other sessions

Everything from signature Bluebell shoots to Maternity and family shoots are available upon request.  These are usually 1-2 hour sessions, on location at a time and place mutually convenient.  You can book these at any point, and if you book multiple sessions along side a Newborn Shoot, you'll receive a 50% discount on the additional session.

Newborn Safety

When you choose a photographer for your baby, you are not just making a financial investment but you are also investing in someones skill, training and experience, and its an incredibly important decision.  In some cases, other than health professionals, they will be the only person to meet your child outside of your family, so the trust you place in that person has to be utterly unwavering.

That is why the safety of your baby is an absolute imperative to me and should be for any photographer.  Sadly today though today, there is no legal requirement for training, nor is there a regulatory body to oversee how photographers work.  When I chose newborn photography, I did so knowing that I would only ever treat a child as I would my own and therefore looked for a mentor and trainer who's main focus and skill was on safety first and always.   

As you will have heard above, I pride myself on creating stunning imagery, but I will never compromise the safety of a child to create an image.  Images like the one that features on my gallery page are created digitally in post production after years of training and with Baby Alex, fully supported at all times by his Mum.  This step is absolutely essential and is one i take with all poses.  So whether you choose me, or another photographer, consider are they professionally trained, are they insured, can demonstrate the use of composite images for more complicated poses, and even if you choose someone other than me, are they supporting your baby at ALL times during a shoot.

I will only ever work with you and your baby and what they are comfortable with, as a trained professional I can instinctively tell what will work and what wont and a baby should never be unsafe for the sake of an image.  

I will never compromise the safety of your baby in order to get an image. Ever.