Corona Virus (Covid  19) - Health and safety policy

Studio policy regarding photographing newborns, babies and children - both in a Studio setting and on location.


Anyone who knows me, or who has experienced a shoot with me will know that cleanliness and avoiding any unnecessary risk to you or your newborn baby, or child, have always been my absolute priority, with me disinfecting the studio, props, and equipment before every photo shoot, as well as only using freshly laundered fabrics as a matter of policy, dating right back to my businesses first clients. 


With the current situation and the outbreak of Covid-19,  I'd like to reassure all my clients and potential clients that use of antibacterial hand gels, additional hand washing, antibacterial cleaners, and virus killing cleansers have also been increased between shoots and when on location, as well as medical grade hand sanitisers and gels which are being used by myself and disinfectant on my equipment where feasible.


NEWBORN SHOOTS:  I have now implemented a new policy to ensure the safety of your child and purchased FFP3 face masks with the filters for when I'm working in close proximity to your baby, on top of the precautions I already take.


Luckily as a part time business and a working Mum,  I do not have to have high volumes coming to me at any one time, but I have chosen to implement a policy of only 1 newborn booking per 7 days to safeguard my clients and allow for any updated information on best practice from the UK Government.   


This also gives me plenty of time to effectively sanitise all equipment and materials used during any shoot.  I've also decided to only offer 'Simplicity shoots' until further notice so that high risk items, like flowers, natural wool products, natural wooden props, which can't be washed at a high temperature with antibacterial products are not used around newborns and children until further notice.  To compensate for this I have undertaken to provide a selection of composites using digital backgrounds to minimise the chance of infection.

LOCATION SHOOTS:  As these pose much less of a risk to both you and me, I'll be continuing with my usual precautionary steps whilst on location, but will be spacing out my shoots to allow me to adequately take step to ensure my own health and keep my hands and equipment clean.  

During your shoot however, as much as it will sadden me, I will have to ask you to understand that I will not be able to engage with the children as I usually would - as much as love the hugs, I want us all to be safe. In practice this means, where I would usually help position children, give them a carry if you need an extra hand, etc, unfortunately on this occasion I won't be able to do this.  This shouldn't impact your session too much, and I will do my best to engage with the children verbally as usual, but it's a consideration I have to make for the sake of my own family,


CONSIDERATIONS FOR YOU:  Given the new guidance regarding self isolation (see resources below) I ask that all clients who have any of the symptoms detailed in current guidance let me know as soon as possible and do not attend if you are experiencing a temperature, cough or any other symptoms as detailed by the NHS. PLEASE RESCHEDULE IN THESE INSTANCES. I will be allowing any clients to reschedule, without penalty, to a future date if they are unwell.  Usual terms and conditions apply in all other circumstances. 


If you have travelled to a Country where the disease is prevalent and is noted by the Foreign Office as high risk, unfortunately I will be unable to take your booking at this time but you are welcome to book for my summer sessions. I will be updating my contract accordingly.


As per my contract, should I become ill, I will be cancelling all bookings until any risk has passed, but will provide a full refund immediately should you wish. I will also offer to reschedule sessions at no extra charge


Please rest assured that as a mum of two young boys and photographer, cleanliness and safety are my top priority, as well as providing an outstanding service, this will not be compromised under any circumstances, including the current situation.

I will be updating this page should new guidance be published by the Government,

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